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Switching to Outsourced Software Development for Travel and Hospitality

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IT outsourcing

The project development does not begin with signing a contract but with a choice of cooperation model. This model should be based on various factors, including clients needs, type of the project and work approach. Earlier we described the types of working with the development team including approaches and patterns used in each type. The aim of the article was to answer the questions clients may have had before the start. In this article we reconsider our views on pros, cons and nuances of each style in the framework of the current situation with Covid-19. 

Obviously, in the process of any company’s activity, the question about switching to outsourced software development arose. And when making a decision, business owners consider lots of factors such as the speed of solving emerging issues, monitoring of work progress, qualifications of employees and others. And, as a result, many of them exclude this possibility because they don’t know how to control and organize the work of developers in a remote mode. Though it should be stated that, in these uncertain times of coronavirus, remote work turns out to be more beneficial and suitably prepared for organizations since we constantly maintain the communication between all the team members and ensure that all the operations run smoothly and all the employees are productive. Consequently, choosing outsourcing as a future cooperation model is now “painless” and easier.

When deciding on switching to IT outsourcing, it is necessary to analyze the current situation and determine how well the in-house team meets the existing requirements of your organization, what are the characteristics and features of outsourced work. 

Who is IT Outsourcing Suitable For?

  • Businesses that have their IT department that is overloaded and the specialists aren’t able to cope with all the tasks. In this case, outsourcing will allow faster problem solving and save the budget. 
  • Companies that do not need full-time developers but require improvements and development of internal systems or implementation from scratch (of their property management system, for instance). In this case, hiring a remote employee is more profitable than hiring in-house staff.

To eliminate the hesitation about outsourced software development, sometimes it’s just enough to have a look at some considerable advantages and data statistics.

switching to it outsourced software development

  1. Easy monitoring of the work progress

Many people do not hire outsourced employees for development because they do not understand how to control their work, monitor efficiency, and workload. They’re afraid that money will be wasted and tasks will not reach desired progress. The Covid-19 situation has demonstrated that monitoring the work of outsourced employees is even easier than in-house ones. Here are three of the most popular ways of supervising the work of outsourced programmers: 

  • If you have the system for setting tasks, then a specialist can connect to it, sets the hours spent on the task and changes the status of tasks;
  • If you don’t have such a system then a developer can access the outsourcing accounting system (for instance, JIRA, ASANA, etc.), where employees daily report what they have done and how much time they’ve spent;
  • In case you don’t want to connect to any of the systems and monitor the work every day, then you can ask a developer to fill in a detailed report in Excel weekly or monthly. The report will contain the info about the hours spent on each task, with explanations of what was done.
  1. Specialists are constantly growing professionally but not at your expense

As a rule, employers pay for courses or workshops of their in-house IT specialists and the courses are usually not very cheap. When switching to outsourced software development team, you don’t have to spend money on the development of your remote employees since companies that provide the outsourcing services are interested in the professionalism of their developers. 

It is common practice in the IT-sphere that every six months a leader discusses a professional development plan with each specialist. Often, employees specify what is now in demand and what configurations need to be improved to solve customer problems faster.

  1. The outsourcer company monitors the quality of services, collects feedback and quickly responds to it

Approximately 2 days after a specialist connects to the project, his manager contacts the client and clarifies whether there are any comments or suggestions on the work. If difficulties are identified, workers immediately discuss them and solve the problems. Such discussions are usually conducted every two weeks. Developers are also interested in the improvement of their work and they regularly ask the customer whether he is satisfied with them and what can be improved. 

  1. Outsourcing specialists work more efficiently 

In companies managers do not always analyze the effectiveness of full-time employees. If a specialist solves problems for a long time or just does nothing for several hours a day, he is still getting paid. Working with an outsourced team for costs is more transparent – the customer sees what he pays for. At the end of the month, the client receives a financial report that indicates the cost of each task and the number of hours spent on it.

  1. Outsourcing specialists solve complex tasks faster

Every day outsourcing programmers face a large number of diverse tasks, so their horizons are wider than that of a person who has been working in one place for a long time. Outsourcing specialists can cope with a difficult task faster even if they have never encountered it. If it is difficult for them to find a solution they can ask for help with their tech leads.

  1. Outsourcers finish urgent tasks and even help find a new developer for you

Outsourcing will become a lifesaver in a situation where a full-time developer quits and there is no one to replace him, and there are many tasks left. The search for a new employee and his adaptation will take about 3 months if approached with proper care. Work will not stand still if you use the services of an outsourcer.

All in all, switching to outsourced software development allows you to solve problems without spending money on the maintenance of IT professionals.

How do ASD developers work?

We prefer not to be called as an outsourcing company since we give our clients not just our “hours” – we provide them with ideas and improvements thanks to our experience, expertise, and skills of business automation. We help businesses improve their solutions for the Travel and Hospitality industry by deploying innovations, tools, and perspective features. We’re not just about the “leasing”, we’re about the optimization and modern tech solutions. That’s why we choose the way of being the IT partner in Hospitality solutions deployment.