ASD team stands with Ukraine – official statement

On February 24 at 5 a.m. Ukraine was attacked by russia. That was the beginning of the war. Since that moment, our normal life has drastically changed. Our employees started sending their families to safer regions or countries and helping the army in every way possible: volunteering, filling the ranks of country defenders, and taking part in the informational warfare with the aggressor. 

Our Official Statement

The statement of ASD team is clear and understandable to every Ukrainian:

  • We are against any kind of military aggression;
  • We are against russian invasive politics;
  • We did not, do not, and will not cooperate with anybody from russia. 

Our Operation Mode

Despite the situation, we set up the stable work of all the departments which will continue to perform their duties as much as possible in the current situation. The employees are in safe places and have the opportunity to work pursuing the agreements with the clients.

We Stand with Ukraine

Based in Western Ukraine, our employees are now engaged in volunteering activities to help and support refugees from the regions that suffered significantly from russian army.

Apart from helping refugees, we support our army in all possible ways. We receive requests for certain items and equipment from our defenders and try to fulfill the requests both internally (our employees) and externally (other volunteers) that can find and buy the necessary supplies and medicine within Ukraine or abroad. 

Also, we are incredibly proud that our employees oppose the enemy on the digital front with the help of attacks on russian websites, fake accounts blocking, support software creation, etc. 

This war is not only about the territory, it’s about the modern world, values, and humanity. We choose to fight and protect our country. Notwithstanding the destroyed cities and killed people, we still believe in our victory.

Glory to Ukraine!


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