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As you’re going to meet a ton of great people with interesting businesses at SaaStock, it’s tough to keep everyone in mind. That's why we made this page – so you can get to know us better and see how we can be of value to your company specifically.

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Meet Our Attendees

Get to know the faces behind ASD Team
who will be at the event from 17 to 19 October.

  • Anastasia Kosovan

    Anastasia Kosovan

    Client Partner

  • Diana Skrypkaru

    Diana Skrypkaru

    Client Partner

Services For Your
Startup Stage

We're here to support you each step of the way - if you are just starting, hitting your stride,
or standing tall as a well-established industry player. That’s our calling.

For first-timers, we specialize in fast MVP development with basic yet quality features that can be easily scaled in further alternations due to:

  • Building a sustainable MVP to test the project concept and check its feasibility
  • Prototyping and supporting iterative development based on user feedback
  • Consulting on the right technologies for your product along with the development

If you're in growth mode, we're here to make sure your software keeps up. Our development team codes scalable solutions that support your expanding user base and evolving product features to make sure your software stays in sync with the user demands by means of:

  • Providing full-stack software development, covering both front-end and back-end parts
  • Integrating APIs to connect with external systems, partners, or third-party services
  • Scaling your technology infrastructure to accommodate increased demand
  • Collaborating on continuous feature enhancements driven by user feedback
  • Implementing DevOps and CI/CD solutions for faster and more reliable releases

When you're at the top, you need the best functionality to prove your dominance. Optimize your software for better speed, modernize your systems, expand your product line with new features, and make sure everything runs like clockwork as a result of:

  • Optimizing your software with fast loading speed, scalability, and efficiency
  • Modernizing your system to align with current market requirements
  • Expanding product offerings with new modules, features, or integrations
  • Managing the software ecosystem with advanced third-party integrations
Startup Developer

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of software

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...and see how we can be useful specifically for you.

Choose Suitable Collaboration Model

We are super flexible in terms of cooperation.
Our team can take full responsibility for development
or blend with yours - that’s up to the client’s specific
requirements. Your project, your choice, and we're
here to make it work.

  • Autonomous Team

    In this type of collaboration, we focus on getting your project across the entire development line so you can stay laser-focused on your business. You provide us with requirements, and we analyze and code them into your product, giving you regular updates about task completion.

    Partner With ASD
  • External Team with In-House
    Product Owner

    This model gives you the opportunity to appoint the product owner or be the one who guides project planning, prioritizes tasks, and provides feedback. Meanwhile, our experts work hand in hand with the PO, carrying out development tasks aligned with your objectives.

    Start the Cooperation
  • Mixed Teams - Offshore
    Development Team

    Here, we work closely with your team, either in-house or distributed, and are fully immersed in the development process. Our Project Manager keeps an eye on the timely task completion and informs you about the progress.

    Let’s team up
Pavlo Boiko

Free Discovery Phase

Exclusively for SaaStock attendees, we're providing a free Discovery Phase. Just complete the form below to get started.

Pavlo Boiko

The product discovery phase is about understanding the scope, objectives, requirements, and constraints of your software product or project. It is a crucial phase that helps both the development team and stakeholders understand what exactly needs to be built before the actual development.

On top of that, this phase will give you the scoop on two of the most frequently asked questions:

  • When will my project be ready approximately?
  • How much will it cost?

What is the process?

During the Discovery Phase, we plunge into your project's needs and ambitions. We chat, analyze, and collaborate to give you clear insights into timelines and costs, so you're fully prepared for the development ahead. Here’s a spoiler about how the process will look like

  • Firstly, you hop on a call with one of our client partners. It helps us figure out your specific situation, grasp your product vision, and collect useful materials you may already have. If needed, we can also sign an NDA for further confidentiality.
  • Then we go ahead to discuss all the requirements in detail with our business analyst who ensures that no stone remains unturned when it comes to project requirements.
  • Further on, the business analyst scrutinizes all the information gathered and goes through the documentation you provide. Then, they distribute priorities and prepare themselves with their first step toward drafting the work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • Finally, the business analyst alongside, the project manager and technical expert, will develop accurate estimates and outline the roadmap for your project.

What do I receive in
the end?

  • Work Breakdown Structure

    We break down your project into manageable tasks and deliverables, ensuring organized planning and execution.

  • High-Level Estimates

    We provide initial estimates that give you a rough idea
of resource requirements, timelines, and costs.

  • Technology Roadmap

    You get a roadmap that spells out the tech components and integration plan to support the user experiences.

What do I do with that information afterwards?

  • 01.
    Define iterations for the development cycles

    To keep things organized, break the project into bite-sized cycles, typically lasting 2 to 4 weeks. This approach will helps you set clear goals and prioritize tasks for each specific timeframe.

  • 02.
    Craft User Stories

    Turn the information we gave you into user stories, making it crystal clear what needs to be built and why, all from the user's perspective. You can lead this process, work closely with your Product Owner, or opt for our Business Analyst's expertise if you continue working with us.

  • 03.
    Groom everything

    Roll up our sleeves and collaborate with the development team to refine user stories and project elements. Ensure everything is crystal clear. If any user stories remain a bit fuzzy, send them back to the previous step for further definition, while the team kicks off work on the well-defined tasks.

  • 04.
    Get accurate estimates

    Seek realistic time and resource estimates for each clearly defined user story. These estimates play a pivotal role in guiding project planning and resource allocation.

  • 05.
    Kick-off the development

    With all the prep work done, dive into the actual development phase, turning plans into action. Step by step, make progress towards our project goals.

ASD Team: Key Facts

  • 15+
    Years of Niche Expertise

    We bring over a decade of focused experience to the table, crafting software solutions for startup businesses at different stages

  • 100+
    Successfully Delivered Projects

    With a track record of over 100 completed projects, we've honed our ability to guide you to market success — it's something we've mastered countless times.

  • 80+
    Seasoned Experts Onboard

    Our team comprises Business Analysts, Project Managers, Quality Assurance specialists, and DevOps, offering our clients unparalleled experience and quality

  • 4.8
    Out of 5 Client Satisfaction Score

    Our commitment to understanding our client's unique business needs sets us apart, ensuring a high client satisfaction rate. We're proud to leave our partners happy.

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