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Never stop studying and learning is the motto of our team. We are here to share our experience and expertise with those who strive for personal growth and professional development.

About the ASD

The internship program is designed to give initial developers and engineers to become familiar and get essential experience with the work on real projects and to increase their knowledge of specific areas in the field of information technologies.

Our mentors help to manage and coordinate the team of students and implement its monitoring, mentoring, and advising activities in the area of the objectives pursued.

An internship program for students began operating in November 2016. It was hoped that the internship program would help increase the number of qualified experts, and we began to get the results after the first finished internship.

From 2016 till now the internship program hosted over 20 interns. Besides, for this day 12 graduate internship students got a job offer and work at ASD company.

Join ASD today and become one of the experts helping us to create the best solutions for the information technology world.


Upcoming Internships


  • Start - April 11, 2022


  • Start - September 12, 2022


Success Stories


Alla Sydoryak

Front-end developer at Advanced software development

A few years ago I completed the JavaScript internship that dominantly involved work on a deeper learning specifics of front-end development. Along with other students, we improved our knowledge and boosted our skills in creating interactive web applications. I felt much more empowered in my field largely because of how much I learned from mentors and team members after completing the internship. The internship allowed me to get the experience I needed to work on real projects and to become a part of a team.


Denys Voitov

Full-stack developer at Advanced software development

I started to work at the ASD company after completing the JavaScript internship in 2019. During the internship, together with other students, we worked on improving and boosting our hard skills. Programming manuals and training handbooks may lack guidelines to address some challenges and issues that you face during the coding process. That is why the internship is a great opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge on real projects and get essential experience to work in a team.

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