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API Integration opens doors to new opportunities to help your business grow and have all the modern systems and features. API integration allows you to connect to third parties services easily and fast, which positively affects your business.

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What is the API integration, and how does it work?

API Integration is an enhancement that allows you to connect cloud-based applications to improve your business fast and comfortably.

Best suited for those:

Who are looking for ways of extending their existing functionality without developing it from scratch using ready solutions

What are the benefits of
API integration?

Simple data synchronization between your internal systems

Expansion of the existing functionality of your software product

More relevant and extensive experience for the users

Roles included on the API
Integration service:


Business Analyst

It is almost impossible to develop a decent product without a Business Analyst as it is the specialist who creates accurate requirements for the product, analyzes the market, and serves as a mediator between business and technological sides.


Project Manager

The Project Manager leads the development team, solves emerging issues, monitors development progression, and evaluates performance. Having a good PM on your project means a high-quality product that releases according to the initial plan.



Developers are the core part of the development process. Their primary mission is to code the software accurately according to requirements, so the coded features work correctly as designed.


Quality Assurance

If you want to get as much polished and bugless product as possible, the QA team is vital for you. Testing, finding, and preventing bugs is much cheaper than fixing them after release.

Our Technology Stack




google cloud


Mongo DB



Types of APIs we have already
integrated for our clients:

Payment Gateways

These are checkouts where users enter their payment info to pay for the items. For example, such payment gateways as YAPSTONE and Stripe.

Revenue and Pricing

Allows you to get up-to-date pricing recommendations directly from the pricing engine like Wheelhouse to your website or booking engine.

GDS and Channels

It is a network between service providers and agencies, like Amadeus or Travelport.

Booking Systems

These systems allow customers to book services they need online. Examples of such booking systems are ReceptionBook and Beds24.


Allow your customers to book tours quickly and comfortably with API integration with services like Viator and GetYourGuide.


Integration of booking flights systems like AeroCRS and FlightBook.

Do you need another type of API Integration?

That won’t be a problem for us! We carefully study your case, analyze opportunities, create plans and start working on integrations needed for your project exactly.

Sales Manager
Anastasia Kosovan
Sales Manager

API Integrations Process We Follow

  • Defining product’s needs

    We are researching the product to define what aspects require improvement and what solution to implement.

  • Researching for the best integration solution for the product

    During this stage, we search for what APIs fit the product best and show the best performance and result.

  • Creating plan

    After completing all the research and gathering processes, we transform all the information into a detailed and organized plan to run the next steps smoothly.

  • Developing

    Here the development starts. During this stage, developers build the software according to all the requirements and demands.

  • Testing

    Code requires testing to ensure that the product is as flawless as possible to bring end-users the best experience possible.

Our Tech Expertise
Industries We Serve

Travel & Hospitality

From reports functionalities to complex payment systems integrations or API developments, we’re dedicated to developing a product tailored to your needs and goals, solving your business and industry challenges, as well as delivering value to the end-users. Our top priority is to help you:

  • Launch your product
  • Increase market share
  • Provide a high level of connectivity for end-users
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Optimize cost, refine delivery routes, and step up your sustainability game with our transportation software development services - get everything you need with the help of an experienced team:

  • Car rental systems
  • Fleet management
  • Traffic management
  • Road infrastructure
  • Navigation
  • Shipment tracking
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ASD For A Reason

There is a particular set of reasons that justify your decision to opt for ASD as your software development partner.


0+ years of niche experience

We develop software only for those who make the world move

0+ developers aboard

We offer our clients immense scalability freedom

0+ completed projects

We know how to take you to market; we’ve done it like a hundred times

0 out of 5 customer satisfaction rate

We leave no one disappointed because we dig deep into the business needs of our clients


Niche Expertise

We work only within defined niches and business allowing us fully dive into client’s project


We scrutinize every single aspect pertaining to our clients’ project, thus making sure all our steps are planned in advance


A cooperation process that boils down to having everything defined, planned, and stipulated from the onset

We’ve established a development routine that delivers products seamlessly, as our teams know how to cooperate efficiently

We Partner With The Best To Be The Best

  • revyoos
  • booking-pal
  • sourceW9
  • finceptiv
  • iFly
  • biz-swoop
  • primo
  • Hospitable
  • EasyOTA
  • minicabit
  • curinos
  • cognuse

Awards and Prizes

Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Founder-and-ceo

    Pavlo Boiko

    Founder and CEO

  • Project Manage

    Anatolii Fesuik

    Head of Project Management Office

  • Head of Human Resources

    Julia Dzhobulda

    Head of Human Resources

  • Project-manager

    Maksym Tashchuk

    Project Manager

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API development

Build your own custom scalable and secure APIs that suit your business needs. Allow external services and products to communicate and leverage each other’s data and functionality through your documented interface.

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Сan you develop my own API?

Yes, you can develop your API, and we can help you with that. To get more information about API development, check this page *link*.

How are APIs used in the finance industry?

In the finance industry APIs are used as a communication channel between third parties and online banking.

I’m not a technical guy. What is going on?

If you have more questions about API Integration and its process, you can contact us and ask what you need to know. We will provide you with all the necessary information.

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