Software development for startups is aimed at helping young companies translate their disruptive ideas into market-ready software products. ASD team provides custom software development for startups helping software startups to develop innovative and valuable tech products

From Pre-Seed Stage Till The Land Of Unicorns

And Beyond — We Cover All Your Startup Needs

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Our core software development options for startups

  • Discovery Phase

    Get the green light to move further with your project from our tech experts and Business Analysts. Obligatory stage for startup founders who are not sure whether their idea is possible to be realized and how it can be brought to life in terms of development.

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  • MVP development

    Define what really matters for end-users with the help of MVP - test your idea, receive feedback, and prove its validity to investors to receive additional funding. We manage all the MVP development aspects and provide you with further product scale up.

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  • Product Development

    Create a software product that would make your clients love it. When products are built by disciplined tech experts who dive into project specifications followed by Project Management and QA support, they are deemed to smooth development flow and success.

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  • API integrations

    Quickly add features and tools to boost your product and smoothly conform with apps and systems as well as save time for developing same functionalities on your own.

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We Are Perfect Match For You If

  • You have the idea of the project within Travel, Tourism, Hospitality or Transportation niche

  • You are looking for a self-organized team with no need of micromanagement

  • You want the development team to be fully aligned with your product vision and goals

  • You appreciate innovative ideas throughout the project execution from development team

Got a Project in Mind?

Sales Manager
Anastasia Kosovan
Sales Manager

The secret of successful tech startups is a fast product MVP launch and its frequent updates based on end-users’ feedback. Appropriate outsourcing of expert tech skills and knowledge is what makes it possible.

Share your product vision and we’ll turn it into your company’s competitive advantage using proven strategies and suitable technologies. Our goal is to deliver the best possible results for you. So, if you want to be successful — let’s make it happen together.

Our Tech Expertise

Services are always built around some expertise and experience, so here’s ours. These are the elements that have been promoting outstanding realization of our clients’ ideas for more than 15 years.

  • Cloud Engineering

    Able to regroup servers into different structure and create a new generation of instances to reduce costs for the cloud account.

  • Cross platform full cycle development

    Adjusting your application with multiple operating systems and environments saving time on the new software development.

  • API Development

    Get your own custom API developed, integrated, and supported for continuous and stable work.

  • Third-parties Integrations

    Quickly add features and tools to boost your product and smoothly conform with apps, systems, and devices.

  • Business Analysis

    Establishing the requirements and standards your project must meet, facilitating communication with the dev team at the very initial project stages.

  • Microservice Architecture

    Composing the rapid and reliable delivery of complex and large applications, implementing containerization or queueing requests microservices.

  • Databases

    Restructuring databases to make them work faster or uniting them by balancer to direct request to correct instance.

  • Automation Testing/Monitoring

    We can create 100+ tests that run on every build and verify both UI and API functionality without transferring builds to production in case of errors.

  • Infrastructure Setup | DevOps

    Continuous deployment, autotests execution, database queries, manual backup, and more for continuous software delivery

Our Tech Expertise

Scale up while we take care of technological side

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We Partner With The Best To Be The Best

  • revyoos
  • booking-pal
  • sourceW9
  • finceptiv
  • iFly
  • biz-swoop
  • primo
  • Hospitable
  • EasyOTA
  • minicabit
  • curinos
  • cognuse
Industries We Serve

Travel & Hospitality

From reports functionalities to complex payment systems integrations or API developments, we’re dedicated to developing a product tailored to your needs and goals, solving your business and industry challenges, as well as delivering value to the end-users. Our top priority is to help you:

  • Launch your product
  • Increase market share
  • Provide a high level of connectivity for end-users
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Optimize cost, refine delivery routes, and step up your sustainability game with our transportation software development services - get everything you need with the help of an experienced team:

  • Car rental systems
  • Fleet management
  • Traffic management
  • Road infrastructure
  • Navigation
  • Shipment tracking
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Not sure what services will suit your needs?

ASD For A Reason

There is a particular set of reasons that justify your decision to opt for ASD as your software development partner.


0+ years of niche experience

We develop software only for those who make the world move

0+ developers aboard

We offer our clients immense scalability freedom

0+ completed projects

We know how to take you to market; we’ve done it like a hundred times

0 out of 5 customer satisfaction rate

We leave no one disappointed because we dig deep into the business needs of our clients


Niche Expertise

We work only within defined niches and business allowing us fully dive into client’s project


We scrutinize every single aspect pertaining to our clients’ project, thus making sure all our steps are planned in advance


A cooperation process that boils down to having everything defined, planned, and stipulated from the onset

We’ve established a development routine that delivers products seamlessly, as our teams know how to cooperate efficiently

Discover Other Services

  • bubbles

    SMEs and Growing Businesses Software Development

    Scale up your existing product with the help of third-parties integration, replace the development team with ours or built another product - the choice is yours.

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  • globe

    Transportation Software Development

    Step up your sustainability game with our transportation software development services - get everything you want your product to obtain.

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  • plane

    Travel and Hospitality Software Development

    We don’t develop traveling solutions as a part of our broader expertise; we form our expertise around delivering traveltech solutions for our clients.

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What can ASD tech partners do for my startup?

ASD team feels the startups’ needs and dive into project specifications right after signing a contract.  We provide development services from the prototyping and MVP stage to the ready-to-use product. So we offer a deal, we have hands-on experience and skills, and you have an idea, and as a result, we deliver an outstanding product

How to find developers for your startup?
  • Use business social media. You can find information and good developers for your startup on social media like LinkedIn. Software development agencies or developers are there willing to help you!
  • Visit websites. Often software development companies offer help services for startups. Check out for “Services for startups” or something like that tab. 
  • A unified team. To reduce redundant steps and not waste precious time, you can hire a single team to work on your project. You will get a much faster and more productive development process and better results.
What is startup software development?

Startup software development is a bunch of defined services provided by software vendors aimed to assist startups in realizing their product idea. As for ASD, our services include Proof-of-Concept, Prototyping and MVP development, and Product Development from scratch.

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