EasyOTA is a travel software that offers a unique experience in booking adventure safari trips in Tanzania and East Africa. This is an online booking software that will help popularize the African safari culture. It offers all-in-one booking: accommodation, activities, transport and much more. It gathers all the data from airlines, hotels, and experience providers and pushes it into the booking engine. 

Travel Booking Software for Safari Industry
Travel and Tourism
.Net, Angular JS
Web development, 3-rd parties integrations
June 2021 – ongoing
The Challenges

There’s no project without issues or challenges on the way, and if somebody says you there are, then they are lying. In the beginning, we faced some issues. The software had troubles with optimization, but our team fixed that issue. The performance also wished to be better, and the database had numerous defects as it was made wrong. The main advantage of the software has become the main challenge for us when users can book the whole itinerary involving a lot of services simultaneously.

The Solution

We started the work on the project with the development of report systems and synchronization with external services. The biggest feature that was implemented, for sure, was the integration of different external systems for booking, in particular, UpperGuest, BestUniform, Airline Videcom, Hotel Receptionbook, Airline AeroCRS Network, Hotel Hypergues, Hotel Resrequest, Hotel Knightsbridge, Hotel DPO, Airline Flightbook, Hotel Beds 24, Hotel Globetrack. Furthermore, the client didn’t have an inner booking system, so we developed it because the whole booking process required the help of external booking systems. The next step was to integrate it into Google Maps and synchronize such information as photos, descriptions, information, and rates. 

Features for the end-users

The main feature for users is the opportunity to create a custom itinerary which means you can customize every aspect of your trip, from hotel to activities.  It is possible due to multiple connected suppliers to the system. These suppliers are not only hotels but also companies that are selling tickets to different activities, flights, etc. Thanks to that, one can create a custom itinerary, from a few positions to many days itinerary with plenty of activities, and a detailed roadmap. 

Case Study: Travel Booking Software for Safari Industry
Features for service providers (hoteliers, travel agencies, etc.)

First things first, we coded the admin panel. Next, we made an option that allows us to set a specific room or place for the person that displays in the admin panel. Our team developed some integrations from scratch, for example,, where we synchronized all the possible information. For each system were developed two scripts, where:

  • 1st script is responsible for hotels, rooms, rates, and pictures synchronization;
  • 2nd script checks if everything goes correctly.

What to do if something goes wrong? When the first step is booked, the second is not, and we will try to book the third, but the hotel owner will get notifications about the failed one. If the problem is with the API, the script will try again to book the failed one.  For better functioning, we added functions for each type of software used. Admins can make bookings, and also we added features to request reports on the following:

  • bookings in general and when they were created; 
  • users;
  • sales. 
Features for travel agents

Travel agents can book for a special lower price than usual users can have separate types of reports with general information on booking amount, etc. 

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