Industry: Travel and Hospitality

Technologies: Java, React JS , MySQL, MongoDB

Services and expertise delivered:  API creation/integration,  software engineering, website development, booking engine

Duration: 6 months

Background: Our client runs a hotel chain and has already had a website for hotel reservations with all the possible features. Being among the top players in the Travel & Hospitality industry for a long time they wanted to conquer another segment – vacation rentals.

The Challenges and Goals: They decided to enter the vacation rentals segment and develop vacation rentals channel platform, where property managers would be able to lease the properties. One of our client’s biggest advantages was that they already had the loyalty program that could be used as a marketing attraction for customers and one of our goals was to integrate it into a new channel.The client needed a reliable partner to adopt new technology, and he has teamed up with ASD Ltd.

The solution: 

The scope of our cooperation with this client covers the full range of channel services and internal operations. ASD team has helped our client develop a brand new channel with the extended functionality and vital features:

  • pictures;
  • rooms info; 
  • reservation creation; 
  • location search; 
  • PMS direct integration;
  • payment processing. 

Our team is responsible for the development of a user-friendly website with the in-built calendar that automatically adjusts to new data when a certain home is being booked. Other tools introduced by our software engineers were the instructions and notifications both for PM and renter about important milestones of reservation. Since our client already had a loyalty program, we made it possible to book a property with discounts based on earned points and earn new points for reservation creation using a  new channel.

As for property managers, they received a channel where they can automatically distribute properties and receive new reservations. Once its placement approved, all the details on the property become available to a property manager: 

  • stages of booking (whether it was confirmed or already paid, for instance);
  • points redemption (whether the user used the points when booking);
  • users’ activity;
  • transaction details; 
  • reports (which he can also get in the printing format). 

Value delivered: 

  • High performance platform
  • Secure channel for property managers and travelers
  • Expanded business capabilities
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