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Car Rental system development

Software Engineering

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Do you remember those times when you needed to call multiple taxi companies to get a cab and then wait? Moreover, not knowing the time of arrival? The same was with rental companies when you wanted to get a car. Tough times, but now we have technologies that make this process easier and faster, literally in less than a minute.

If you are wondering about travel booking software development and how to make it work, read the article carefully.

Car Rental system development

Car rental software: definition and the primary purpose

It is software that allows users to have fast and easy access to car rental services. Mostly in certain areas or worldwide with various options to meet all the client needs.

The primary purpose is to provide users with the best and most reliable services in using rental cars in any form. There are a few car rental apps types that we’ll consider in the next paragraph. In each application, companies try to reduce as many redundant steps as possible to make the car rental process, practically in a few clicks.

Types of Car Rental Software

  1. Taxi booking software

This type of app is one of the most widespread. Do you remember old times when you had to call a taxi service, explain where you are now, where you are heading, then anxiously wait for a car? It is in the past now. Thousands of people across the globe daily use applications like UBER to comfortably request a taxi, using all the modern technologies. According to Statista, in the 4th quarter of 2020, approximately 93 million people used UBER daily.

  1. Car rental booking software

The name speaks for itself, the usual type of application that allows users to rent a car by themselves to use it wherever they want (of course, according to terms of rent).

The main difference from the previous one is that you need to drive by yourself.

Many car rental companies or private owners have a different approach to providing users with cars:

  • from the company parking lot, from where you have to take the car and bring it back to the same place
  • anywhere in a particular area where the previous user left the car.

What features to include?

During car rental system development, you should include the following features, which are divided into two parts.

  1. For passengers/car users:
  • Order filters

Clients need to have options of payment methods, car class, driver language, car location, adding personal comments (to clarify trip or using details), etc. The more helpful options are, the more chances to satisfy client needs.

  • Tracking system.

The system gives a client up-to-date information about the driver or the car’s location at the moment.

  • Various payment methods.

The more payment methods are, the easier it is for a client, who can pay via any available way.

  • Easy authorization

It can be performed via fingerprint or Face ID technology because it makes the process much quicker without entering login and password each time.

  1. For a driver:
  • Client rate

It is vitally important due to security measures. Other drivers can rate the client whose behavior or attitude to the service is inappropriate or dangerous. In that case, the driver can refuse the order or be aware.

  • Displaying the trip distance on the map

So the driver can see the route and decide whether to accept the order or not.

Essential modules for vehicle rental software

Companies must monitor cars while clients are using them.

Essential modules are:

  • Telematics (or telecommunications). It is a whole complex system that allows rental software to collect data from certain cars (in our case those that are in the lease) to receive information about car fuel consumption, route, vehicle mileage, and current location. It is a great solution, as the company can monitor it online or get the collected data afterward. The company can get a piece of detailed information about the car’s usage by the client.
  • Payment operations. Via services like PayPal, receive payments and issue invoices. Moreover, a service can calculate all the costs and provide the client with a detailed report.
  • Vehicle history. This module provides all the info about the car. With pictures and detailed information about the car damage, the company is aware and will not use the car for rent. It helps to prevent renting cars in bad condition.
  • Driver license scan. It allows you to automatically enter all the clients’ information into the customer form.
  • Automatic reminders. The module is aimed to remind about technical car service (oil change and other routine tests need to be performed constantly).
  • Vehicle return. Schedule with a list of dates of car returns. With the help of this service, managers can quickly check if any car is arriving back soon.

Development process

  • Requirements analysis and research

An essential part of development where every tiny detail needs to be considered while researching.

Accurately analyze clients’ requirements and competitors’ advantages to develop the best version of the app.

Do not forget about the importance of UI as it directly influences the users’ experience. It should be intuitive, fast, and enjoyable.

  • Design
  • Development

The phase where the coding starts.

  • Testing

Ensuring the product will be in its best condition during deployment.

  • Deployment and maintenance


We can see that car rental software development is a consuming process and requires many resources. On the other hand, the final result and usefulness of the product for users will bring more profit in the long term.

Why you should choose us for vehicle rental software development outsourcing services:

  1. Our company has many years of experience developing booking engines in travel and related spheres.
  2. Provide our clients with a team of specialists consisting of PMs, BAs, Developers, QAs, and technical support if needed.
  3. Due to our experience and established process, we meet all the deadlines and ensure that we deliver your product on time.



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