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To develop your software product, you need to pass through many stages and manage a complex process of software development. With our services, all you have to do is to share your idea with us, and we will do the rest!

Your idea and our expertise equal a high-quality product

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Our product development services
are for those who:

Have a clear view of the product and know what they want it to be like

already have developed product with some initial features

want to scale the existing product

What Products We Can Develop:


Desktop Application

We can develop for you a wide range of desktop applications from scratch or rebuild the existing software. Our team can develop solutions that range from software utilities to standalone systems and browser apps.


Software as a service (SaaS)

Get a customized SaaS to improve your business by implementing such functions as project management, accounting, CRM, and others which helps your business to align routing processes, reduce costs and meet your clients’ needs.


Digital Platforms

Developing Digital Platforms allows you to create your ecosystem for your users and improve your internal operations. ASD team takes responsibility for the whole development process, from planning to deployment and maintenance.

Using the following roles will be beneficial


Business Analyst

It is almost impossible to develop a decent product without a Business Analyst as it is the specialist who creates accurate requirements for the product, analyzes the market, and serves as a mediator between business and technological sides.


Project Manager

The Project Manager leads the development team, solves emerging issues, monitors development progression, and evaluates performance. Having a good PM on your project means a high-quality product that releases according to the initial plan.



Developers are the core part of the development process. Their primary mission is to code the software accurately according to requirements, so the coded features work correctly as designed.


Quality Assurance

If you want to get as much polished and bugless product as possible, the QA team is vital for you. Testing, finding, and preventing bugs is much cheaper than fixing them after release.



DevOps takes part in each stage of SDLC and ensures tight cooperation between teams of developers, adjusting cloud services, tracking configurations, and infrastructure.

Our Technology Stack




google cloud


Mongo DB



Our approach

In order to bring you the best results, our team uses an agile product development approach, which contains five stages.

Evaluation and
(per request)


This step is aimed at setting up the overall collaboration flow - granting credentials to team members, analyzing the client’s project, reviewing the roles for the exact project, as well as deciding on communication channels and reporting templates.


- Business Analyst - Project Manager - QA Engineer
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Apart from the previous phase, the panning one is all about setting the actual development process and preparing the plan for the upcoming 2-3 sprints, including the review of project requirements, creating and adjusting the roadmap, and finalizing technologies and frameworks. Each department engaged in the project sets up its process and aligns with others to be prepared to smooth workflow.


- Business Analyst - Project Manager - Developers - QA Engineer - DevOps (depends on the project)
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We move to this stage when everything is ready to kick off the actual development. Developers code according to the tasks and requirements, the QA team tests the code, the Business Analyst works on detailed requirements and user stories, and the Project Manager controls the execution and reports to the client. At the end of each sprint, we provide the client with a demo to show the functionality we created so the client clearly understands what has been done and what is to be done in the next sprints.


- Business Analyst - Project Manager - QA Engineer - DevOps (depends on the project)
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Evaluation and closure

We utilize the evaluation phase by continuous feedback both from the development team and from the client. The whole team participates in biweekly retrospective meetings to further make improvements for the next sprints. Also, every month, we gather feedback from the client to find out any bottlenecks and boost the overall collaboration process.

When the project closure takes place, we provide the reporting to the client and archive all the data as well as remove granted credentials.


- Business Analyst - Project Manager - QA Engineer
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Maintenance (per request)

This is an optional phase that includes further bug fixing, testing, and even scale of software. The stage is applied only if there’s a request from the client.


- Business Analyst - Project Manager - QA Engineer
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Why do you need outsourced
software product development?


Budget saving

There is no need to provide an outsource team with hardware, place in the office, or health insurance.

They care about all these things, and this reduces costs significantly. Moreover, if you choose offshore outsourcing, you can get software development services much cheaper.


Access to worldwide talents

Sometimes there can be the absence of necessary talents in your area or region.

When you choose to outsource software product development, you get access to worldwide talents and companies with dozens of offers for a fair price and high quality. It is a significant advantage of outsourcing.


Managed team

Managing a team is a daunting task, as well as finding a proper project manager.

Outsourced software development allows you not to worry about it because the companies manage their teams, so you can mind your own business while they do the rest.

Let’s talk about your product?

Feel free to ask any additional questions you might have. Our experts will be glad to assist you.

Sales Manager
Anastasia Kosovan
Sales Manager
Industries We Serve

Travel & Hospitality

From reports functionalities to complex payment systems integrations or API developments, we’re dedicated to developing a product tailored to your needs and goals, solving your business and industry challenges, as well as delivering value to the end-users. Our top priority is to help you:

  • Launch your product
  • Increase market share
  • Provide a high level of connectivity for end-users
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Optimize cost, refine delivery routes, and step up your sustainability game with our transportation software development services - get everything you need with the help of an experienced team:

  • Car rental systems
  • Fleet management
  • Traffic management
  • Road infrastructure
  • Navigation
  • Shipment tracking
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ASD For A Reason

There is a particular set of reasons that justify your decision to opt for ASD as your software development partner.


0+ years of niche experience

We develop software only for those who make the world move

0+ developers aboard

We offer our clients immense scalability freedom

0+ completed projects

We know how to take you to market; we’ve done it like a hundred times

0 out of 5 customer satisfaction rate

We leave no one disappointed because we dig deep into the business needs of our clients


Niche Expertise

We work only within defined niches and business allowing us fully dive into client’s project


We scrutinize every single aspect pertaining to our clients’ project, thus making sure all our steps are planned in advance


A cooperation process that boils down to having everything defined, planned, and stipulated from the onset

We’ve established a development routine that delivers products seamlessly, as our teams know how to cooperate efficiently

We Partner With The Best To Be The Best

  • revyoos
  • booking-pal
  • sourceW9
  • finceptiv
  • iFly
  • biz-swoop
  • primo
  • Hospitable
  • EasyOTA
  • minicabit
  • curinos
  • cognuse

Awards and Prizes

Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Founder-and-ceo

    Pavlo Boiko

    Founder and CEO

  • Project Manage

    Anatolii Fesuik

    Head of Project Management Office

  • Head of Human Resources

    Julia Dzhobulda

    Head of Human Resources

  • Project-manager

    Maksym Tashchuk

    Project Manager

Discover other services

Discovery Phase

If you have a product idea you need to get the green light to move further with your project then this is a perfect service for you. This is the obligatory stage for startup founders who are not sure whether their idea will be successful or not.

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MVP development

Define what matters for end-users with the help of MVP - test your idea, receive honest feedback, and prove its validity to investors to receive additional funding. We manage all the MVP development aspects and provide further product scale-up.

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API integrations

Facilitate interaction between your product and external providers using APIs suitable for your product industry. This is the perfect way of extending your product’s existing functionality without developing it from scratch using ready solutions.

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API development

Build your own custom scalable and secure APIs that suit your business needs. Allow external services and products to communicate and leverage each other’s data and functionality through your documented interface.

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Product reengineering

Whether you are looking to meet the emerging demands of the users or update your legacy system or move your desktop application to the cloud, we are here to assist you with that.

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Software development for startups

We cover all the newly established businesses needs to validate their ideas, launch first products, and provide valuable solutions to the end-users:

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Software Development for Growing Businesses

We help businesses improve or scale their product by transforming their ideas into code, and the code into a ready market solutions:s

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How do I track the progress of my project?

You can track the progress using different approaches, for example, monthly meetings (can be more often, depending on your needs), presentations where the development team includes demonstrations of achieved progress, or access to Jira, where you can see executed tasks.

What specialists are in the development team?

The software development team should include Business Analyst, Project Manager, Developers, QA Team, and sometimes DevOps specialist.

How can I choose a reliable software product development company?

To choose a reliable software development company, check reviews and the company’s expertise. Secondly, conduct an interview where you can ask more questions about experience, technologies that will be used in the development, managing the team, and the development process itself.

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