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How To Conduct Software Development Project Transition?


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Some companies may think that project transition is a long way off and even impossible in their situations. But, in fact, software project transition happens more frequently than you may think.

The main goal here is to make the process of replacing the old development team with the new one as painless and smooth as possible. To  ensure that you may even think of a project transition plan from one vendor to another. It’s important to not to forget about documents, roles distribution, and all the credentials your new team may need for a smooth work.

Especially for that, we have three stages that will ensure you a seamless software development project transition. So, let’s dive into the detailed process of project handover.

What is a software development project transition?

It is a process of handing over the project with all the information, documentation, credentials, and other accesses to the new team who work on it the next. A project handover, as for new development team, includes:

  • understanding the project
  • knowledge transfer
  • managing the handover

Stages of conducting a correct project transition

The project transition plan consists of three consecutive stages, and each fulfills the necessary needs of the project transition process.

  1. Understanding the project

Document the development process

You have to document everything that is going on during the development and what is related to the project

Business goals and features

Of course, you are telling the story and description of the project, but still, there has to be well-detailed and structured information about business goals, core features of the product, and aims. The new development team has to deeply understand what this product is about, its purpose, who will use it, and what needs it covers.

Changes in project

History of changes helps a new team to understand the scope of work, what changes were made by the previous development team and its reason to conduct, and the result.

Test results

Organized test results will save you time and resources from conducting the test a second time by the new team as they will have a ready testing result.

Define technology stack

It is important to document what technology stack you are using in development to inform the future development team as they need to estimate if they can work with it. Moreover, when you know exactly what you are working with, you can search for candidates accurately to your needs.

Besides, don’t forget to mention any third-party tools you are using now, as it is also necessary for the new team.

  1. Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer is a process that consists of 3 steps. During this process, you should provide the development team with all the information they need to start working on the project.

Provide the new development team with all the project’s available assets

It depends on the time the previous development team was working on the project, but still, there should be some files, materials, prototypes, design mockups, and other project materials.

Prepare all the access to services and tools

Before the team starts the knowledge transfer, be sure you have all the services and tools organized and prepared for the new team. Check what information from team members you need, and create a list to fill by the team. It will be much easier and faster than making it with each one separately. It is important to pay attention to every tiny detail, as once the whole development may face unavailability to use some tools or services, and there is no connection with the previous development team.

Establish communication between the two teams

It can be daily or weekly meetings, where teams can communicate and exchange information and questions, as it is important to discuss and solve any emerging roadblocks or issues as soon as possible while there is a connection with the previous team.

  1. Managing the handove

To manage the handover properly, choose the right people for a certain role in the handover process. Сhoose the right persons for tasks and make them responsible for a particular part of the handover process.

When you start working with the new development team, don’t forget to give them time to adapt to the new project. There is no need to rush and give them numerous tasks. Instead it is more reasonable to support them and provide them with all the information they need or explain what they may not understand. The faster you pass this phase, the sooner the team starts fully working on the project.

Why do companies transfer projects?

  • A new owner of the project

A possible situation is when someone starts a startup but has to leave it. In this case, someone acquires the project and has to put a new team on the development.

  • Current team does not satisfy project’s needs

It is a classic reason, and you can meet it in most cases of project transition. The team cannot cope with the current objective, and the client is not happy with the result the team delivers.

  • Client wants a team located at the same time

When the development team members are in different countries or continents, it can cause trouble, so the client may demand to complete a team from the same location for comfortable cooperation.

Project Transition checklist

As you see, software development project transition is a complex process that demands attention to detail and proper preparation to conduct it productively, fast, and painlessly.

To keep in mind the main information about the process of software development project transition, here is a checklist:

  1. Document business goals, features, and aims of the product
  2. Include all the necessary information about frameworks, tools, and services.
  3. Gather all the project materials: designs, mockups, files, materials, and other necessary materials for your project.
  4. Ensure you have access to all the accounts and third-party services and can transfer them to the new team
  5. Ensure support and proper goals or tasks for the team while adapting to the new project.

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