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TOP 5 Reasons To Outsource to Ukraine

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There are a lot of Asian companies who already have established some level of recognition when it comes to outsourcing.

But recently Ukraine has been gaining a lot of popularity for being one of the best outsourcing destinations in Europe.

There are a bunch of common reasons to outsource your business processes or software development:

  • improving company focus;
  • freeing internal resources for some other purposes;
  • increasing efficiency for time-consuming function;
  • saving operational costs;
  • sharing risks with other company etc.

However, these are not the only benefits that a company can get when it outsources to its offshoring partners in Ukraine. Here they can also get:

  • high-quality work;
  • best-in-class technology stack;
  • optimal timing.

So Why Outsource Your Services to Ukraine?

Here are the top 5 reasons which make outsourcing in Ukraine a profitable deal for companies.

1. Ukraine is the new European Silicon Valley.

Beyond IT outsourcing, Ukraine has recently emerged as a global hub for big-name products and services (Petcube, Grammarly etc.). A lot of companies choose UA as a preferred location for their offshore R&D centers.

With strong talent number growth, aspiring young population the high demand for technology products and services is increasing. Therefore, many companies consider Ukraine as one of the best offshoring destinations.

2. Geographical location is absolutely awesome.

When companies outsource services to Ukraine, they also get the benefits offered by its ideal geographical location. The geography of the country allows very small time difference (or no difference at all) with both eastern and western European countries.

Owing to the geography, it becomes easier for project managers to coordinate all activities and communicate efficiently which brings more benefits:

  • no halts in the project execution,
  • any queries may be resolved on the same day.

3. Cost benefits are obvious.

Outsourcing to Ukraine may be both cost-efficient and have the high quality of the completed products and solutions.

IT outsourcing service providers in Ukraine assure high-quality development and better coordination opportunities with the companies across the globe owing to the small time difference.

4.  Ukrainian service providers are experienced and expertise-oriented.

There are a few seasoned and expertise-oriented IT service providers in Ukraine. These include both pretty large full cycle service companies and small to medium size firms offering more focused R&D services. It’s one of the top reasons to outsource in this country.

Also, there are a number of boutique-kind companies offering niche specialized services and expertise. This way, clients can find solutions for every type of requirement and business needs.

5. Local outsourcing companies constantly invest in tech talents.

Ukrainian service providers are working on developing talents for the future. By investing in the team education and growing new specialists, they ensure that their employees are capable of taking up all sorts of projects, even requiring up-to-the-minute technologies expertise.

Such companies are actively partnering with colleges, universities and organize their own courses to make sure that their team stays valuable to foreign clients.

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