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Travel Booking Software Development: How to Make it Work

Software Engineering

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We all like to travel. Even those who say they don’t, they do. Maybe, those people have never had an opportunity to travel comfortably and easily as they’ve never had access to reliable travel booking software? Believe it or not, but travel booking software is a real game changer for many people when it comes to not only choosing a destination but actually deciding whether they want to travel at all. Hence, if we’re talking about travel booking software, it must be a product that works and provides solutions people have been looking for. The world of traveling is full of barriers. Don’t make your customers step over another one when using your platform. Today, we are going to tell you how to make your travel booking software work seamlessly.

Why Bother?

Unfortunately, many folks are still questioning the propriety of having their travel booking app developed, thinking that people don’t need it; traveling the old-fashioned way is where the real gist of a journey. Yes, of course, spending hours in queues and waiting rooms, having your reservation cancelled without any prior notices, etc. is what people “like” about traveling, especially in the 2020s.

Well, actually they don’t; people like itinerary convenience, travel insurance, and flexibility, which are all granted by traveling software. The statistics prove it. In accordance with Statista, $518 billion is the market size of the online travel booking industry online. Now, how exactly does this data fit within stating that people don’t use traveling software? They do and they will even more simply because it’s easy, convenient, and cost-efficient. Meanwhile, developing a travel booking software that would grant users all those features is surely not a walk in a park.

Good Beginning Makes a Good Booking

There’s no need to wait to tell you that if you are going to enter into the online traveling booking industry, get yourself ready for dealing with an overwhelming competition. Now, as the COVID-19 situation is finally stabilizing, the travel industry is going to put all hands on deck to make it up for more than $300 billion lost in revenue due to the lockdowns. The competition is going to be fierce, but it still seems as the right time for offering people more variants of where to book their flights, rides, and accomodations easily.

Nonetheless, if you have a reliable tech partner with experience in developing travel booking software, you can stay put and relax, as those folks know what your target audience wants. So, how actually do they make travel booking software work? We’re about to tell you just now.

User Accounts

It all starts with an account. Hence, if you’re looking to expose your brand to a wider audience, don’t make them  struggle in the boiling pot of protracted registration. Give your users options. Some might want to sign up for your service with their email or social media account; some might opt for manual registration; An app or a web platform that is meant to be successful in the third decades of the 21st century does not have to force people, it has to give them freedom. Oh, and don’t forget to add as many languages as possible.


A travel booking app might have too much on a plate for an average user. Hence, an experienced UX designer would always add the search feature, thus helping people find everything they need in no time. Helping people find something while spending less time on it is a feature they will never forget and will forever be grateful for. And add filters, as many as you can. Render the search feature so comfortable that people don’t even have to type in a word or two to find what they’ve been looking for.


A good travel booking app must be something more than a mere tool for booking an accommodation or a flight. It must be a personalized organizer, a unified space where a traveler can deal with all of their touristic endeavors. Add the schedule feature, which you can do with the help of Google integration, another third-party integration, or building one within the app. Having a schedule within an app where you plan your trips is priceless. Make sure your users have this feature.

Useful Information

As a business person you have to look for every possible touch point with your customers. So, why don’t add a blog to your platform, where you’ll be telling folks interesting facts about the country of their choice. Share information about museums, festivals, places of interest, etc. You never know if they are going to need this information, but you can rest assured, they will appreciate it.

Make It Comprehensive

Integrations, integrations, integrations. A decent travel booking app must be a comprehensive travel hub, where a traveler can deal with all the trip-related issues at once. Add flight and train booking options, offer discounts by cooperating with other organizations, like hotels, car rental companies, etc. to establish your unmatched authority of a reliable and an advantageous traveling partner.


Today’s users are quite forgetful and they do appreciate it a lot when an app throws a pop-up notification onto the screen, reminding them of an important event in their life. For example, a simple reminder that the user’s flight is in five hours, per se, can help them make it in time to the airport. One flight saved for your users would mean nothing else but a lifetime loyal customer for you.


The geolocation and navigation features won’t look odd in your app, as they can help people stick to their itinerary and not get lost in unknown places. If you manage to create or integrate interactive maps that show users the nearest shops, hotels, bars, etc., get ready for a lot of loyal customers banging on the AppStore and Google Play Doors: people like talking with their friends about the services they adored.

Vaccination and Restrictions

The post-COVID reality holds us fast to the ever fluctuating restrictions for entering various countries. Consolidate the data on the vaccination or testing requirements for entering each country within your platform and gain a huge competitive advantage in the niche.

Let’s Sum It Up

Developing travel booking software is not as easy as it might seem at first sight. However, this is surely a business endeavor worth the try. The market has now entered the new normal phase and it has adapted itself to the COVID-19 reality. People are looking for more ways to travel safely and conveniently. Make sure your platform is user-friendly, technically-sane, and has all the integrations your target audience might want, and you’ll be doomed for success.

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