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Why Should You Go for End-To-End Software Development in 2024?

Software Engineering

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Nowadays, people live in such a fast-paced world that sometimes it is tough to chase all the new inventions in software development. You only keep a software idea in your mind and decide how to develop your big idea smartly, while others work to make it real. You start searching for developers to work on your product, but realize how much time you have already spent and have a little result. But how do companies manage to develop software so fast and qualitatively? The answer is clear: end-to-end development. Do you know about it?

End-To-End Software Development

In this article, we will: 

  • define the end-to-end development term
  • describe end-to-end development process
  • list the advantages it has

The definition of end-to-end development

End-to-end development is a process of software development using a single and unified team that works on a project from the very beginning till the end of the development.

To provide an example, we are going to consider a hypothetical situation.

You have an idea of software but want to test the concept to see its main features working in real-life conditions. In this case, you need custom software development. Then start to search for developers that will cover all the project needs to meet your expectations. Separately searching for developers takes too much time, so your choice is to go to a company like ours that provides you with a single team of developers. They take responsibility for the whole process, from the start to the end. All you have to do is communicate with the Project Manager and sometimes with developers to discuss all the desirable questions.

End-to-end development process

Now is the time to consider the process in detail to have a deeper understanding of it. 

As for Advance Software Development, end-to-end development process consists of the following steps:

1) Pre-development:

  • Investigation. An accurate and detailed investigation is the key to success, so we research to collect all the possible information about your project, analyze it and make first predictions about the chance of success. 
  • Requirements gathering. We gather all the requirements for the product to get a whole picture of what the software has to be.
  • Approximate estimation and consultation with Business Analyst. After information is collected and analyzed, we can approximately estimate the project cost and consult with our Business Analyst.

2) Planning:

  • Developing a plan
  • Technology stack. At this stage, we choose a set of technologies and services to use during the development process. This set includes programming languages, frameworks, databases, etc

3) Development:

This is the step when the actual development starts. Commonly it is coding. At our client’s request, we can engage third-parties integrations, API development, MVP Development (if clients want to develop MVP firstly).

4) Testing

Quality Assurance is very important during development. Our QA team performs different types of testing to reveal all possible bugs and software flaws. Worth keeping in mind that the earlier you find bugs, the better it is to fix them before the actual release.

5) Deployment and maintenance

After the product is tested and released, proper maintenance is essential. At least in the early stages. Software maintenance aims to fix faults that occur after release and improve productivity. On the request, we can provide our client with technical support.

At every stage, there are Project Managers assigned to your exact project.

The main advantages of end-to-end development

  1. The unified team

You collaborate with a single team of software developers that are used to working together. Thankfully, there is no need to communicate and adjust the development process with separate specialists. That makes the development process easy and more understandable for you and the development team.

  1. Low budget spending

If you do not have a whole team, you will have to look for each specialist separately. It may sound like no problem, as we have a lot of good specialists to hire, but there are a few drawbacks to this approach:

  • you will have to pay each developer will cost much more for you than to work with a single team
  • you will spend more time to engage each of them in the process (again, if you need more time, that means more money you will spend)
  • there will be weak communication between developers
  1. Better product quality

Any software during development will have some bugs, and there is nothing new. But what is vital is how fast and qualitatively they will be fixed. Here is again one more pros to hiring a single team. Due to their unity, it is much easier to find and share bugs or software problems and implement fixing changes.

  1. A precise and definite process

No doubt this advantage is one of the most important amongst the others. When a team knows every tiny detail of the process and each team member properly executes the role, the development process becomes just an unstoppable flow. Furthermore, team members work long enough together not to be shy or anxious in communication inside the team. It gives freedom in expressing opinions, which can improve the development process.

Why Advanced Software Development can offer the best ETE development?

  1. We have solid hands-on experience in travel and related industries software development. Due to that, we can predict what possible result software will get even before deployment.
  2. Constant communication with our team. Feedback, meetings, and communication are essential. You will get frequent updates on the development process.
  3. Fast high-quality development. Our established process allows us to ensure a much quicker and high-quality product that meets all the planned requirements and needs of the clients.


To sum up, we have a great approach to software development, which delivers your product in the shortest terms, without wasting your budget, and meets all the demands. All that thankfully well-organized development process, unified team of experienced developers, PMs, BAs, and QAs what in altogether make it an ideal solution for our customers.


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