Industry: Travel and Hospitality

Technologies: Java, AWS 

Services and expertise delivered:  software engineering, cloud solutions

Duration: 3 months


Google Inc. has expanded the travel search for businesses involved in the Travel and Hospitality industry from the hotels search to vacation rentals search. They wanted to create the service that would include travel search inventory so the hotels and home rentals will be able to get listed and get redirects to the property native website for further bookings with the help of advertisements function. 

Challenges and Goals: 

As it was an MVP project for Google, they wanted to test the functionality, features, and convenience of the solution. Consequently, they required the development of the common service for travel businesses where they would place the details and required information on the property. Additionally, it was vital to develop the service that would provide the conformity of new property information to default Google attributes . 

To integrate with Google, a property manager need to have: 

  1. Fast price service that will be able to return prices for 100 properties under 1 second
  2. Property job that will validate and keep up to date properties that should be mapped to Google
  3. Manage availability and prices to be identical on google and PM property websites
  4. Having a landing page for each property to show details for end users
  5. Having a solution to process credit cards for reservation process

The Solutions: 

We started the implementation of this solution by creating a beta-service with the specified parameters and functionality. We built the platform from the ground up, so our understanding of the platform made further steps very easy. Leveraging our tech stack and the complete understanding of the goals, we managed to deliver the platform that includes desired functionality and is easy-to-use for the users. 

Among the main features of the services are:

  • the product list that includes the textual and graphical information about properties; 
  • property generation job that is connected to google;
  • information altering feature for property managers who can add or change the property details on the platform.

To provide the service that would return prices for 100 properties per second, we deployed a multi-cluster Cache.

Our cooperation with Google included many engineering tasks and challenges, among which was the enhancement of the platform capabilities. So, we deployed a custom landing page which will show detailed information for every available property

ASD Ltd. managed to build a mature development team with wide expertise in JAVA and AWS, following the Agile practices, so we could deliver the value and a brand new functionality for property managers. As a result, we successfully introduced the custom landing page with the following features:

  • showing content depending on url parameters
  • payments processing;
  • reservation notifications;
  • restriction information;
  • availability calendar;
  • the list of amenities;
  • payments schedule; 
  • cancellations rules.

Value delivered: 

  • Stable and secure service for product storage 
  • Facilitated process of product display and integration with travel search by Google
  • A cache that is able to retrieve prices for 100 properties per second
  • High performance of the delivered solution powered by the cutting-edge tech stack
  • Enhancement of the existing travel search platform by providing properties search functionality
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