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Everything you need to know about Travel reservation system

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Tell me, who does not like to travel? Most of those you ask about (according to Statista, more than 385 million people visited booking.com in January 2022) do like traveling and are willing to travel as much as possible. Some people mistakenly think travel requires a lot of time to plan your travel roadmap, choose dates, hotel, transportation, etc. But in fact, the travel agency reservation system allows a person to book travel easily, fast, and comfortably!

Everything you need to know about Travel reservation system

What is the Travel Reservation system?

A travel reservation system is a bunch of technologies implemented in a single mechanism that provides all the necessary features for a travel business: 

  • multi-currency; 
  • multilingual UI;
  • flexible payment; 
  • online support. 

The main idea is to achieve the most unique and practical experience of travel reservation software that it offers to the client.  

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Main features of Travel Reservation Systems

  • Multi currency support and localization

Traveling itself means multiple languages and different currencies, so it is essential to have a list of, at least, the most popular languages and currencies. That makes any user feel comfortable using the software and expands the audience. 

  • Payment Systems Integrations

It is nonsense not to have the option to pay via credit or debit card or any online payment services in travel reservation system software. It allows users to pay for the services from any currency card, anywhere around the world, and anytime (doesn’t matter if it is morning or night).

  • Calendar support

When we are talking about practical and easy-to-using travel reservation software, we can’t avoid the calendar. With a calendar, it is much easier to plan your travel route. It’s because you have all the necessary information about availability, price, rates, etc, on a specific date.  

  • 24/7 support team

Doesn’t matter how many things you know, there is always a chance you will need help to do something, and booking isn’t an exception. Don’t forget about decent support service, so your clients can contact support service anytime to ask for help in solving specific issues. If you don’t have such support, the Help section is a bare minimum in this case. Remember that if clients face an issue they can’t solve and there is no help, they will leave, and somebody will lose a client. It is a high price, isn’t it?

How to develop travel reservation software

The travel reservation software development process consists of five essential steps:

  1. Requirements definition

From this step, you have to take maximum information about the picture of the final product. Develop as many detailed requirements for every angle and feature as possible. The more accurate the requirements are, the better estimation and tasks allocation software development vendor will be able to develop. 

  1. Software UI and design

With developing proper travel reservation software UI design we care about the client who will use the software. The main goal is to create the most practical and intuitive user interface to exclude any difficulties using the software. By the way, you don’t always need a web designer for this. There are good Front end developers who can do a nice UI of the travel reservation system. 

  1. Software development process

This is the stage when the coding process of the travel reservation software starts. It is the stage when all your requirements and demands are beginning to become real and transformed into code, and from code to ready software. Soon you will be able to see the first results of development. It is important to mention the necessity of regular reviews of demo versions by the client, so it’ll be easier to adjust the next features to be included in your software.

  1. Quality Assurance stage

Nothing in our life is perfect, and newly developed software is also on the list. It is vital to prevent or, at least, find all the emerging software bugs as soon as possible as well as eliminate those. The earlier the team finds bugs, the earlier you’ll be able to prevent the end-users from finding those by themselves.

  1. Deployment 

After finishing travel reservation software development, the product will be deployed. Now it is high time to start maintenance and support of it. Last but not least, the next step after releasing the product is maintenance which is important during the first few months. By the way, this is a stage where you can think of hiring a support team for your project.

ASD – a reliable vendor for your travel reservation software 

Our company has 15 years of experience in developing software for tech companies operating in travel, hospitality, and related fields.. We provide our clients with a team of specialists that perform end-to-end development processes. That means our team is responsible for the whole development process: from the beginning (including documentation, tasks creation and allocation)to the deployment. We cooperated with such industry flagmans as Booking.com, AirBnB, Hyatt, Marriott, etc. So we can be confident in our solutions for travel tech companies.

Developing in such a way will surprise you with the fastness and productivity of the working process. You don’t have to worry about involving third parties in developing, looking for additional specialists to work on the project, or other issues. Our fully completed team cares about every angle of the working process. What is more important, our team is used to working together and that is the thing allowing us to handle all the issues in the fastest and the most efficient way.  

Businesses we deliver services within traveltech

ASD is eager to help young startups and small businesses to realize their ideas and potential. Often, they can’t deal with market competition by doing their best, so significant support from our company can help to cope with the competition. 

What do we do for traveltech businesses:

  • perform deep analysis of the project. We also can provide clients with ideas according to their project (within the technical terms).
  • provide our clients with Project Managers and Business Analysts who ensure perfect results and are always open to discussion with the clients and development team.
  • provide our Quality Assurance team that will polish and improve your product to a new quality level. 


To conclude everything written above, we want to emphasize the main features and the importance of the travel reservation system amid rising business digitalization. With our expert software development outsourcing services, developing your travel reservation software will become a trip that brings your company new opportunities and a new level of service for your clients and end-users. 



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