The Background

Our partner owns a popular platform for travellers and gets million visitors daily. To exclude the possibility of website crashes, they needed to introduce a solution that would improve the quality of the server and ensure its continuous work.

Load balancer setup
Travel and Hospitality
AWS cloud services
Cloud solution, DevOps
1 month
The challenges

Our client required an elastic cloud load balancing solution to streamline the load of his servers and avoid errors the users may encounter. Our task was to develop the load balancer that would make it easier for the customer’s team to control or alter parameters without involving the contractor’s company. That would help the customer’s company accelerate changes introduction and therefore save time.

The solution

The ASD Team’s developers cooperated with the client’s team to introduce a load-balancing solution to enable increased flexibility and direct control of servers. The load balancer installed by our DevOps team represents a flexible solution allowing scaling server availability without impacting performance. To reduce the load on each existing server, the load balancer gets requests when one of the servers doesn’t work and redirects the users’ requests to the less loaded server. The team ensures this using a Round-Robin setup for balancing incoming requests.

Value delivered

  • Eliminated error possibility
  • Reduced solution management time
  • Improved servers’ control
  • Continuous work of the servers

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