The Background 

Our partner owns a popular channel platform and the number of site visitors was increasingly high. To prevent server crashes and improve server time they required the introduction of software engineering solutions by an experienced development company.

Speed-up of server response
Travel and Hospitality
Java, AWS cloud services
Software engineering, cloud solution, DevOps
3 months
The challenges and goals

They wanted to figure out the reasons for a slow response and ways of increasing the speed and ensuring high performance of the website. They faced the challenge of developing the functionality with technical additions that would help improve and accelerate the website response. For a fast-growing business in the Travel & Hospitality industry, it is crucial to show results quickly to end-users, so they will not abandon the website during the reservation process. To avoid failures, our customer needed to work with the experienced team in software engineering and they partnered with ASD Ltd., choosing us as a contractor.

The solution

At the outset of our cooperation, we analyzed the client’s existing server infrastructure to figure out the reasons for the slow response. After that, we proceeded with defining all the tools that may influence the calculation accuracy in order to clarify the fastest time of network response. When the calculations were done, we began working on bringing the best results into reality. Leveraging our tech stack and the latest technology in our work, we succeeded in delivering the results our customers expected to see.

As a part of our services, we provided our client with the testing of the functionality that was developed by us, including the testing of particular segments of the code. ASD Ltd. ensured stable and accelerated website response and, as a result, helped our client better serve his customers.


Value delivered

  • Increased speed of the website response
  • Improved customer service
  • Continuous work of the site

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