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Channel Manager

Have you ever thought about posting your properties to different platforms simultaneously and smoothly no matter how different and changing their requirements are?

We can help you to integrate your properties to the channel partners’ platforms. You do not need to bother about changing APIs or what and how to change your data to accommodate all partners on the spot.

Integration will provide different parameters to be applied to each of your properties, reservations and transactions.

The main features offered by this functionality are the following:

1.Managing channels to work with and their further setting up; import or manual entering of the properties with all information about them (name, type, location, description, rooms, amenities, photos, fees and taxes, policies, etc.)

2.You have access to the availability calendar of each property and reservations made via channels as well as additional features like promotions or rate plans.

Property management

Property management is the most vital functionality for clients. It has to be details-oriented and user-friendly and it is much worked with and may offer many potential cornerstones

The management page is subdivided into:

1.A page containing lists of properties where status of the property, all details about channel integration are given.

2.The properties with all information about them (name, type, location, description, room configuration, amenities, photos, fees and taxes, policies, min and max stay, etc.).

Multi-language properties setup

We all know a little marketing tip: people become benevolent when you speak their language. Why not to address your clients in their native language?

We work with localization of properties you send to channels’ platforms. The main idea is for you to be on the same page with clients in different countries and assure them they are welcomed.

Multi-Language Properties are flexible and allow setting different terms for different channels as well as different properties. As a small but nice to have improvement: we can elaborate a system of automatic filling of pre-prepared authentic texts and phrases based on the information you have entered into a database.


How does your business interact with the outer world? In the era of digital communication every partner is using APIs, but there are so many of them.

We know how to structure, formalize and produce intelligible APIs for all needs and situations. We integrate the associate’s APIs likewise.

Price recommendation system

Our solutions offer a great way of including various factors like main events in the region, holidays and celebrations in the system of price recommendation.

It’s up to us to elaborate an app that would give you ranges of possible values for the property.

It may provide you with a well-being strategy to stay ahead of the curve. It makes you focus on pricing without wasting your time on analysis of tones of data.

Your website critical features

1.We have experience in working with Stripe Bridgepay, Yapstone, Authorize.NET, PayPal and others. Managing your payments through various gateways will help to improve and optimize your daily activities—from more effectively bookkeeping and reporting activities. You can also get the data about transactions in one place, thus automating your accounting.

2.Being PCI compliant means consistently adhering to a set of guidelines set forth by companies that issue credit cards. The guidelines outline a series of steps that credit card processors must continually follow. Companies are asked to assess their information technology infrastructure, business processes and credit card handling procedures thus we can help to identify potential threats that may compromise credit card data and solve them.

Search properties

How easy is it to find an available property on your website?
Do you know how to make your property appeal to a potential client?

You may choose the information to show when your property is selected:

photos, map, availability calendar, rates, etc.

Multi language localization will attract more clients and leave no space for misunderstandings.